Let the craziness begin – wedding season has officially kicked into high gear.  Starting off with Lisa + Jim.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Cinderella wedding!  Despite the rainy interruptions, we still managed to capture some gorgeous shots outside (including a recreation of the glass slipper on the staircase per Lisa’s request!).  I loved all the little details, from the Mickey Mouse gemstones on the bottom of the girl’s glass slippers to the pink and blue candy table to the little strawberry mice on the cookie table.  The glass slipper made of sugar on top of the wedding cake was really cool and the groom’s cake was awesome.  Check out some of the details below!

Lisa's flowers were gorgeous!

Jim's Dad had a great old car that inspired some cool shots.

Glass slipper on the stair. 🙂

Groom's cake - so cute!

Congratulations you two!

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