When Jill first contacted me last May, I had no idea that there was a destination wedding location located nearby in Pennsylvania.  Now, I don’t normally double up my weddings in one weekend and so when she had sent me her date request – I let her know that I was already booked for that weekend.  It was really cute how Jill persisted and I’m so glad she did.  She and Travis are a super sweet couple and the Foxburg Inn located on the Allegheny River was beautiful!  I was also excited that they chose to do “The Reveal”.  The Reveal is sometimes called the first look.  It’s so cool, as it gives the couple a chance to see each other for the first time in private.  Well, almost private…..we are there to capture it, of course.  The Reveal is something that I discovered recently was a popular option on the west coast.  There’s no doubt it’s becoming more popular, because another great reason to choose this contemporary option is time.  Some couples don’t want their guests to have to wait a few hours between the ceremony and the reception.  The Reveal allows us to grab the images we would usually take after the ceremony, since the bride and groom have already seen each other.  So once the ceremony ends, the couple can go straight to the reception and start the celebration!  🙂

Back to Jill and Travis – the weather was perfect for their ceremony on the bridge and then we wandered the grounds (which include a winery and an old train car) for their formals.  David and I couldn’t help but talk about going back up, again, for an overnight visit.  It really was a beautiful place.

Her niece practiced scattering the flowers when we went outside for these shots. 🙂

The flower girl's hair was adorable. Love the little sparkles.

Jill was stunning

I love how her sister is peeking out the door.

Their first look...

Love how Travis can't keep his eyes off his bride-to-be.

Off for a few formal shots before the ceremony.

David was able to capture some great close-ups from his angle. These next three are his.

The one on the right is David's view.

Love this cute candid of Jill and her niece.

Dad looks so proud of his little girl. 🙂

Jill & Travis – we wish you many years of happiness and thank you for allowing us to capture your day.  We’re so glad to have been a part of it.

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  1. Stephanie Briggs says:

    These pictures are so beautiful. I am so very happy for both of you. Congratulations.

  2. Nancy Call says:

    Jill and Travis. The pictures were absolutely stunning. Jill, you were a beautiful bride and, Travis, a handsome groom. The love you have for each other shows in your eyes and on your faces. Thank you for sharing these photos with me. Once again, congratulations and enjoy your life together!

  3. crystal krug says:

    Jill and Travis Those are beautiful pictures thank you Jill for sharing them with me. I am so happy for the two of you. May God Bless the two of you everyday of your life together

  4. Kathy Sealy says:

    Jill & Travis what a beautiful couple you make. Thanks for sharing your magical time with us. May God Bless and keep you.

  5. Tammy B says:

    May God Bless you both!

  6. Tammy B says:

    Gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kristen Hogg says:

    Beautiful Pics!! Best wishes!

  8. Justin says:

    Congratulations! The pictures are very nice.

  9. Sandra Hagan says:

    These are beautiful pictures – I can’t wait to see all of them!!

  10. Pam Auchter says:

    The pictures were wonderful!! So creative. These are really the most original and most romantic I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations to both of you.

  11. Anna Hetzler says:

    Wonderful pictures! I have always loved Foxburg, but it looks so much better in your pictures! Congratulations and best wishes for your future.

  12. Carl Smith says:

    Excellent pictures……..even the ‘kissy’ ones. Very clear. Wish I could have kissed the bride.

  13. Gina Miller says:

    Very beautiful wedding pictures. Couldn’t have picked a more fabulous place to get married. Congratulations to the both of you!

  14. Tiffany Nolf says:

    Very nice pictures Jill and Travis. Thank you so much for sharing them! Thanks for sharing your day!

  15. Cindy Duncan says:

    What a perfect location for your “special” wedding…….So beautiful and unique. Congrats and best of everything to both of you 🙂

  16. Veronica Martinez says:

    Fabulous photos! How will you decide with so many great photo ops? Congratulations to the two of you!

  17. Randy Ochs says:

    Jill, I still remember Travis mentioning this nice girl at work he was thinking about asking out and he wanted some fatherly advice. It was a few days later when he called & asked if I could pick him up some flowers he wanted to give this “girl” on their first date., and as they say the rest is history…Jill I am so glad he took Dad’s advice…You are a “beautiful” and “caring” person and I’m so proud to call you my new daughter……T.J. there are so many proud memories I have of you, too many to mention them all here….from the time we finally had to cut the long curls you had as a toddler, thru all the proud moments of your excellence in academics, to your achievements & awards in sports, to you graduating with honors from college…WOW where has all the time gone!!!!! Travis no Dad could have had a better son….. Now that you have found that special lady in Jill I wish you both much Love and never your hearts be troubled…..Love DAD

  18. Dina says:

    Great pictures! Congratulations!

  19. Amanda Rudish says:

    WOW what great pictures! you two look beautiful!!!!! CONGRATS!

  20. Lynn Rough says:

    Amazing pictures, Jill! You were a beautiful bride! I’m so happy for you both and wish you all the best!

  21. Jenn Lyons says:

    Love the colors…your eyes are so pretty, Jill. Maybe they were just extra shiny that day! Glad it was a beautiful day for you. All the best.

  22. Cara (Denniston) Enny says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations and best wishes!

  23. Beautiful! I love the photos! I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!

  24. Amanda Tomeo says:

    These photograhers captured some wonderful pictures! You look like you should be in a bride magazine! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  25. Donna Ochs says:

    To my beautiful daughter in law and handsome son, the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. They truly captured the natural beauty of the wedding site as well as the glow in both your eyes. Congratulations on your wise decisions, Love you both.

  26. Carol & Steve George says:

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations.

  27. Denise Ochs says:

    What amazing pictures. Jill you were a truely beautiful bride and Tavis a very handsome groom. I wish both of all the happiness in the world. Love you both.

  28. Amanda Broerman says:

    Beuatiful pictures Jill, i was a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations to you and Travis!

  29. Carol Guy says:

    Jill, I always thought you were beautiful and these pictures are a testament to that. You are a special person and I wish you nothing but happiness. All of the pictures are beautiful. Congratulations!

  30. Jodie McIntire says:

    Thanks for sharing…the pictures are beautiful! So happy for you!!!!

  31. Caryn Anderson says:

    Very Beautiful! Congratulations you two!

  32. Terri Alworth says:

    Jill and Travis, The pictures are wonderful – a great way to preserve your special day. I wish you both much happiness in your future.

  33. Kasey Jennings says:

    These pictures took my breath away and made me tear up. Beautiful! Thank you for including me in your special day. I wish you and Travis many many years of joy and happiness!

  34. Lisa Mattern says:

    Very nice pictures Jill – Congrats!!!!

  35. Ken Good says:

    Looks like you found a photographer that was a great fit for you and able to capture the magic and memories of the day just perfectly. The kiss on the back of the train car is one of my favorites…too bad Travis was not wearing a Fedora!

  36. Brandy Rouse says:

    Jill, you are a beautiful bride! I wish you and Travis the absolute best in the future filled with love and happiness.

  37. Nikki Perry says:

    Jill, These pics are AMAZING! You looked stunning and the pic where you and Travis first saw each other was SO cute!!!

  38. Spike Mancuso says:

    Talk about “the handsome groom and BEAUTIFUL bride” you two fill the bill. Great photos, great couple. May your lives together be filled with endless days of joy and happiness. (and a couple of kids!)

  39. Carol DeMarsh says:

    Lovely pics; they are just beautiful! I will have to agree w/Justin, that pic was very sassy! Grawwwll! 😉

  40. Inde Hawkins says:

    Oh my Lord, Jill~ these made me tear up! You were THE most gorgeous bride!

  41. Carly says:

    Hey Jill and Travis!!

    Awesome pics. You guys look great and very happy. May your marriage be full of much joy and happiness 🙂

    Cassie’s little sister, Carly

  42. Kristina says:

    Stunning! True Happiness! Best Wishes and Many Blessings! Hugs!

  43. Joni says:

    Hi Sis and Bro-in-Law! You guys look great! I’m so happy that Jill found her prince and that Travis is part of our family. I love you both!

  44. Carly Ackinclose says:

    These are absolutely amazing!! You definitely found a wonderful photographer and such a cool place to get married. I have been in that area and had no idea that such a beautiful place existed there. You were a beautiful bride and your flowers were gorgeous too. I am so glad that you have found love and happiness. Congratulations and best wishes!

  45. Stefanie Capalbo says:

    Jill, you look amazing!!! I love these pics, the B & W kiss @ the wall is great! You looked beautiful and very happy. I wish you nothing the best!!!

  46. Mary Parker says:

    Oh, how beautiful your pictures are. You will be able to treasure them for a lifetime. Congratulations and best wishes.

  47. Jason Dunn says:

    Those are some very amazing shots. Definitely something you can cherish for years to come.

  48. Kelly Dunn says:

    Jill, Your pictures are just amazing……you are beautiful and it looks like awesome memories were made that day!! Awesome photography!!

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  49. Jason Selker says:

    These pics are great!! Congratulations!!!!

  50. Sayra Bovard says:

    Beautiful photos! I love the black and whites.

  51. Rob Lewis says:

    wow guys…really awesome pictures! Congrats!!

  52. Mo Guerrero says:

    Amazing shots. I did the reveal and had two photographers (husband and wife) for my wedding and think that is a great idea. I love the creativity of the shots and the many moments captured.

  53. Justin Mays says:

    Great pix Jill & Travis. Congrats! The “hands on the stone wall” one is my fav…it’s sassy!!!

  54. Jeanne Richardson says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I knew you were beautiful but these pictures emphasize it even more. I am very proud to call you my daughter and equally as proud to have Travis as my son-in-law. Love you.

  55. Jess Lewis says:

    These are beautiful! I’ve never seen Travis smile so much – lol!

  56. Igor says:

    Jill, you two look so cute 🙂 Congratulations on your big day!!!

  57. Lisa Taylor says:

    OMG–Jill!! These photos are stunning! I’m all teary-eyed just looking at them! Congrats to you & Travis!! Miss you!

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