When I met Dan and Megan initially, they were just coming back into town from vacation and they missed their Teddy.  After meeting Teddy, I can see why.  Teddy is a shar pei/boxer mix and completely adorable.  I love to mix it up for engagement sessions and was excited to have him along for the first part of theirs.  The  morning sun that day was amazing and the results were beautiful and so unique.  I had a great time with all three of them and am looking forward to the wedding next Spring!

I really love the light here.

They're such a cute family. 🙂

Megan threw a penny in here for good luck...

I'd rather be next to normal anyday. 🙂

52 Responses to “Megan + Dan + Teddy | Pittsburgh, PA Engagement/Couples Photographer”

  1. Bobbie Bates says:

    Wonderful pictures, Megan is beautiful, Teddy is so handsome and Dan is a charmer. May your lives be filled with beauty and joy and wonderful experiences.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Mary Koerbel says:

    Megan, Dan & Teddy,

    The pictures are just the beginning of your lives together, best wishes always.

  3. Patti Kirch says:

    Pictures are absolutely gorgeous – you make a perfect pair. I especially like the artistry of the photographer and the great use of the urban landscape. Your “baby” is getting big and he’s so adorable.

  4. Dianne Cafeo says:

    Loved all of them. I think my favorite is of Dan and Megan in the alley (without the bins!)

  5. Ivy Pan says:

    Wow! What a cute couple you two are! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Teddy is a doll. So happy for you both.

  6. Melanie Ash says:

    Great pictures. I love the backdrop of the city.

  7. Caroline Zappa says:

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures! Love the city as the background. I want Teddy!

  8. Doug Edwards says:

    Very Nice, very cute. The Dog is getting Big.

  9. Patti Hoke says:

    Great photos. I love that you chose the city for the site of the pictures. My favorites: the black and white one and the one where Megan is kissing your cheek.
    Congrats to you both!!!

  10. Rebecca Velasquez says:

    My favorite is the black and whit. Great pics!

  11. Karen Rugg says:

    I love all your pictures! They are fantastic! Love the pictures with Teddy too!

  12. Peter says:


  13. Meggan Hearne says:

    I love the pictures! I think The one with Teddy looking up at you two is adorable! And I love the one where Megan is being lifted up…its so cute!

  14. Delaney says:

    I love your pictures.

  15. Marsha Edwards says:

    Love the black and white one of Danny lifting Megan in the air.

  16. Deirdre Edwards says:

    Cute couple! Cute dog! Congratulations, Dan and Megan!

  17. Laurie Ruffing says:

    Beautiful pictures, and a very cute dog!

  18. Donna Nemanic says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  19. Eva Monheim says:

    Beautiful couple – looks like you had fun, fun, fun!!
    Who was watching Teddy in the last shots? Or, was he helping to take the photos?

    Thanks for sharing – Love to the both of you.

  20. Andrew Monheim says:

    I am with Steve on this one…. why no love for the pooch?

  21. Steve Monheim says:

    So who is kissing Teddy? Show a little passion for that beast!!

    Thanks for the Pics. Lots of Love.

  22. Sandi Monheim says:

    Dan & Megan:

    Great pictures…..thanks for sharing and Dan you have to practice keeping your eyes open when the camera flashes !

  23. Dan Edwards Sr. says:

    Dan & Megan,
    These are very nice pictures. A nice couple, a nice dog and a great love story.

  24. Justin Cowles says:

    Dan & Megan,
    I think they all turned out great! I can’t believe how big Teddy has got, he is huge now. If I had to pick a favorite one I would say it is the black and white one.

  25. Steve Edwards says:

    Dan and Megan,

    Your pictures turned out great! It must have been exhausting, especially since Dan fell asleep. Lol j/k, I really liked them all, but Teddy is definately more photogenic than Dan!

  26. Jason Bush says:

    Great shots. Even though we had city backdrop photos for our engagement, they pale in comparison to these. Beautiful pics. I’m jealous your photographer is better than ours was! 🙂

  27. JANET EDWARDS says:

    beautiful couple beautiful pictures beautiful day
    i cannot pick a favorite they are all great!

  28. Dave says:

    I have to say I love them all! You two look so great together. But if I get to pick a favorite its a toss up between the one where Meg is pulling you down the street, its so you guys, or the one of Megan leaning on Dan’s shoulder and his eyes are closed. the fourth pic with the 3 of you looking out over the water is also a great pic.
    love you guys see you soon!

  29. Megan says:

    These are really cute! I like the one with your reflections in the sign that looks really cool!

  30. Bryan Nemanic says:

    They look great, really liked the ones with Teddy..

  31. ken says:

    Nice pics. I like the ones of you guys with the Burgh in the background. The dog ones are cool too.

  32. Ruthie says:

    Love the pictures…It looks like Teddy really behaved for the photographer. I hope you gave him a cookie!

  33. Nancy Peck says:

    The photos are great, and very unique! My favorites are the three of you, “Such a Cute Family” and the black and white!

    I wish you much happiness!

  34. Malissa Goodman says:

    LOVE these. What great pictures and I love the one with you guys and Teddy. Sooo adorable.

  35. jan allen says:

    Great pictures can’t wait to see the wedding photos also my buddy Teddy looks so cute too!!!

  36. Linda Baker says:

    I really had a hard time picking out a favorite. Your pictures do depict your personality, without a doubt: the love shown in your eyes when you look at your future husband, how much your pup means to you (by the way, he’s cute), and your playful and fun personality. The photographer did a great job capturing your true self.

  37. Brendan Gallagher says:

    My fav is without a doubt the fourth one by the river, all pictures had great use of background and lighting, two thumbs up!

  38. Ed Van Horn says:

    Megan and Dan

    Really great photos. Amazing backgrounds. The only one I would hesitate on would be the one in the alley with the dumpsters. The rest are super.


  39. Diana Thompson says:

    Your photos are beautiful! You three look great!

  40. Susan Miller says:

    Wow these pics are really nice!! 🙂

  41. Thomas Miller says:

    The Pictures look great!!! I really like the Black and White Picture!!!

  42. Kacie Gallagher says:

    Very nice Meg & Dan! My faves are the 3rd one and the 4th from the bottom! 🙂

  43. Dorothy Allen (Grandma) says:

    All the pictures were beautiful!

  44. Tom Gallagher says:

    Very good pictures , excellent shots, really professional… Pittsburgh backgrounds were great. (Teddy was cute too!)

  45. Cheryl Bolock says:

    Loved the background of most of the pics. The closeups were good too.

  46. Lori Barrante says:

    Meg, How exciting! Congratulations to you and Dan… Teddy too! What great pictures and wonderful memories they will be.


  47. Marissa Nocera says:

    You both are such a cute couple! My favorite is the first picture with city in the background and Teddy at your feet. Can’t wait until the wedding!

  48. Sonya Hardisky says:

    So cute! The pics turned out so nice!

  49. Nicole says:

    I love these pictures!!!! They turned out beautifully 🙂 and Teddy is just so freaking cute!!! I can’t wait for the wedding!

  50. Kristen Michaels says:

    Love the Next to Normal shot. You guys are so cute!

  51. Melissa Miller says:

    Beautiful Pictures!!!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    Megan & Dan:

    These turned out so well!

    Teddy included: I like the one with the shadow of all three of you and the one where she says that you make a cute family. Teddy really makes the picture pop! 🙂

    Just you & Dan: I like the one where you are kissing Dan and he’s smiling and the one where you’re leading him down the street. Too cute Megan. I just love it how photographers create a story through pictures!

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