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I don’t know about you, but for me – once the holidays have ended, I start dreaming of summer.  Sad, right?  🙂  I long for barefeet, sunshine and endless hours of daylight.  What better way to cure the winter blues than to offer up a new contest.  So what do you have to do?  Simple, send in your favorite vacation photo from summertime or otherwise.  Give us all a chance to dream of getting away and no, it doesn’t have to specifically be a warm place.  Submissions will be taken until January 31st.  Anyone can enter…friends, family, clients, other photographers or complete strangers…you get the idea.  By submitting your image, you are giving me permission to post it on the facebook page.  Voting will take place starting February 1st and will end on February 7th at midnight.  Fans will vote by “liking” their favorite image.  The picture with the most “likes” wins!

Weekday session must take place before June 30th, 2011 and will be taken locally.  Can be any type of session (newborn, kids, engagement, day after, beloved, etc.).  Images can be emailed to me at

Here's one of my favorite vacation photos. My husband and our little girl dancing on the beach in Maine. 🙂

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I was recently intrigued by the work of an amazing photographer named Jesh de Rox.  So intrigued that I must’ve read the same article about his work at least three times.  You see, Jesh was/is a full-time wedding photographer, such as myself, who recently decided to take a sabbatical to embark on a new journey.  A huge surprise to many, since Jesh has had much financial success in the world of wedding photography (bringing in close to $20,000 per wedding…wow).  With his experience capturing love, what he’s decided to do makes complete and total sense.  Jesh has created a session called Beloved.  Beloved is celebrating love – be it of young lovers or baby boomers.  His belief is that if couples regularly celebrated their relationships, we’d see a lower divorce rate.  Beloved gives couples an opportunity to have that celebration.

And what better time to celebrate your love than Valentine’s Day.  No, I am not taking a sabbatical, but I am now offering Beloved sessions for couples who want to celebrate their love.  If you’d like to see what a Beloved session will be all about, then take a peak here.  Contact me at, if you’d like more details.

Now onto the Little Black Book session…girls – what better way to surprise your guy than with a tastefully sexy book of you!  This boudoir type session includes the “little black book” which is a leather bound album of all the images from your session.  Think Victoria’s Secret…something that he will definitely love more than a new tie.  🙂  Contact me, if you’d like to here more!