I was recently intrigued by the work of an amazing photographer named Jesh de Rox.  So intrigued that I must’ve read the same article about his work at least three times.  You see, Jesh was/is a full-time wedding photographer, such as myself, who recently decided to take a sabbatical to embark on a new journey.  A huge surprise to many, since Jesh has had much financial success in the world of wedding photography (bringing in close to $20,000 per wedding…wow).  With his experience capturing love, what he’s decided to do makes complete and total sense.  Jesh has created a session called Beloved.  Beloved is celebrating love – be it of young lovers or baby boomers.  His belief is that if couples regularly celebrated their relationships, we’d see a lower divorce rate.  Beloved gives couples an opportunity to have that celebration.

And what better time to celebrate your love than Valentine’s Day.  No, I am not taking a sabbatical, but I am now offering Beloved sessions for couples who want to celebrate their love.  If you’d like to see what a Beloved session will be all about, then take a peak here.  Contact me at mmgphotography@comcast.net, if you’d like more details.

Now onto the Little Black Book session…girls – what better way to surprise your guy than with a tastefully sexy book of you!  This boudoir type session includes the “little black book” which is a leather bound album of all the images from your session.  Think Victoria’s Secret…something that he will definitely love more than a new tie.  🙂  Contact me, if you’d like to here more!

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