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It did not seem that long ago that I was out shooting senior pictures for both Marsha and her sister, but nearly two years after that I was meeting with her, again.  This time to discuss her wedding and meet her fiance, Jaryd.  For their engagement, we had a great time exploring B&O Station and then heading up to the campus for some fun casual shots.  They had an idea to do a mock proposal, but with Marsha doing the proposing.  So funny.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Love the tiny little heart that showed up at the top of the diamond.

Marsha's mock proposal to Jaryd - lol.

Thank you, both!  Looking forward to the wedding!

While I’m making new friends all the time with what I do, sometimes I get to work with old ones (and make new ones at the same time) – which is awesome.  Donnie is a good friend of mine going back to our college years when we were  rocking around NRM Music (we both worked there in the day when music stores still existed) and hanging out at Cedars where his band and my husband’s band would often play.  Fast forward about 15 years – imagine how excited I was when he called me to ask if I would photograph his and Tasha’s wedding and then how sad I was when I realized the date they were looking at was already booked.  In a weird twist of fate a few weeks later, the couple who had originally booked the date decided they were going to move their wedding up.  I figured Tasha and Donnie at that point had found someone else, but sent him a quick email anyway.  They hadn’t and here we are!

We met in Canfield this past Saturday for part 1 of 2 engagement sessions – the (mostly) black & white wintery session.  It was cold and very snowy, but so fun.  I had a feeling it would be.  Tasha & Donnie told me that they laugh a lot when they’re together and they do.  I was laughing right along with them.

When I told them to give me a serious look - Don suggested the "Blue Steel" pose (Zoolander) - lol

So my personal favorite was a toss up between this one...and the next.

Thank you, both!  Can’t wait for part 2 – the warm weather engagement session and the wedding day!

xo – Michelle

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