What do you get when you take a a lovely old church, a beautiful (and fun!) couple, an awesome reception venue with a ton of friends and family who love to dance and mix in some fabulous entertainment – a recipe for a perfect day.  Seriously, I think for this post, the images speak for themselves.

Dan & Mom before the ceremony


The looks on their faces in this one are perfect.

One of David's on the left - love it.

I love how Megan is eyeing up where to cut the cake...

Thank you, DJ Branden, for organizing this shot.

Tons of dancing that night!

DJ Mark Lawrence doing a slide down the dancefloor.

My favorite of the night.


Congratulations, Megan & Dan!  Wish we could do it all over, again, it was so much fun!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

Check out the video to see even more!


Ceremony | Mary, Mother of Hope

Reception | SNPJ

Dress | Alfred Angelo

Cake | Carol’s Cakery

Flowers | Flowers n’ All

Entertainment | DJ Mark Lawrence & DJ Branden

52 Responses to “Megan + Dan | New Castle, PA Wedding Photographer”

  1. Brendan Gallagher says:

    Los fotos son fantástico!

  2. Darren Elder says:

    I had a good time and looks like everyone else did too!
    Really neat pics of the wedding ceremony & the reception!

  3. Judy Gallagher says:

    All the photos were stunning, everyone looked fabulous!
    A lot of great moments captured! A lot of fun!

  4. dan and megan,

    what a great day. can only hope my day is as great. the pictures look awesome,,,especially the ones
    that i am in….

  5. your pictures are great. great pictures great day great couple


  6. Aunt Barbara says:

    Oh, Megan and Dan you made this 70 year old great aunt cry like a baby. What a beautiful couple you are. How I wish I could have been there! I have prayed for you so that your life will be blessed in many,many ways… just like that of your Mom and Dad, Megan. Who knows, someday I may make it to New Castle again. Love and prayers, Aunt Barb (Sister Ann Raymond, SSJ)

    P.S. To Tom: Did Judy tell you of my story to the Recruiting Office? I hope she did. You would probably
    have ended up on the floor doubled up in laughter. I DO believe there could be a request for Brendan to become an NCIS member someday. I HAVE BIG DREAMS!! Love to all, Aunt Barb

  7. Megan says:

    So beautiful!

  8. Jen Edwards says:

    Very Classy Pictures! Megan looked so beautiful and it was a great night!

  9. Carol Sudyk says:

    The pictures are great! Megan and Danny you guys look awesome especially the black and white picture on the dance floor thats one of my favorites.

  10. Rebecca Velasquez says:

    What a beautiful wedding. Everyone looks like they had a great time. The pictures of the happy couple are breathtaking. They just ooze love.

  11. Robert Edwards says:

    I couldnt see me in the picture of everyone in it. I showed my gf the pictures and she liked them alot. My favorite is the one on the steps with the bride’s maids and groomsmen all mixed up

  12. Maggie Peak says:

    Megan you look like a model. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Patti Hoke says:

    The pictures are beautiful and capture what a wonderful and special day it was. I especially like the classic black and white photo of you dancing. Beautiful.

  14. Brianna Edwards says:

    These are beautiful pictures. I felt like I was there even though I wasn’t. You guys look amazing and congratulations. 🙂

  15. Christina says:

    Perfect match… 🙂

  16. david edwards says:

    Great pics of a fun wedding!

  17. Great photos of a great wedding!

  18. Marsha Eddy Edwards says:

    Beautiful pictures and a lovely wedding.

  19. Doug Edwards says:

    Excellent photographs, this was a fun wedding.

  20. Frances Hollis says:

    These pictures really confirm what a beautiful couple you are! The church and pictures are gorgeous and the reception was so much fun! What wonderful keepsakes to remind you of your day!

  21. Lynette says:

    What beautiful pictures! Congratulations to the both of you.. Megan you make a beautiful bride!

  22. Deirdre says:

    I had to miss it! 🙁 Love being able to see the beautiful pictures. Congratulations, Dan and Megan!

  23. Karen says:

    Great pictures of a great day!

  24. jan allen says:

    Great pictures, you both looked truly happy.

  25. Gary and Bonnie says:

    Wedding was great, good food, good liquor,good music, excellent videographer, good people, lots of fun, great time for all, except toms chicken dance. Lets do it again

  26. Carole says:

    These photos are lovely! Although all of the pictures are excellent, I especially like the ones taken with the bride & groom, and the wedding party, on the church exterior. They are very elegant.

  27. Justin Cowles says:

    Congratulations to the both of you. I love all the pictures. I think that they really showcase your day well.

  28. Andrew says:

    Everything was perfect!

  29. Diana says:

    I cant stop looking at these! So beautiful!

  30. Missy Stauffer says:

    Beautiful church, beautiful couple, beautiful day!

  31. Ivy Pan says:

    Great pictures! The photographer did a wonderful job capturing the beautiful couple on their biggest day. Dan and Megan, again, congratulations!

  32. Melissa Miller says:

    Beautiful Pictures.

  33. shannon nocera says:

    Love. Love. Love. All the pictures! they turned out great! was a beautiful wedding day! best wishes.

  34. Malissa Wood says:

    Absolutely stunning! Great photos of the bride and groom! Really captured the beautiful day.

  35. Ken whigham jr says:

    Dan n meagen congrats on ur wedding the pitcures r great, my u guys have a wonderful life together.

  36. Ed Van Horn says:

    All the photos are really great. Buy all you can afford and then talk your Dad into buying you the remaining ones. You found a great photographer.

  37. James says:

    pictures are beautiful wish you both years of happiness

  38. Carol Ross says:

    My favorite is at the Art Institute with Megan and Dan walking holding hands looking at each other.

    Actually all the pictures are great. How will you decide which ones to select.

  39. Michael Bolock says:

    Beautiful pictures Megan + Dan. Looks like a dream wedding. Congratulations!

  40. Stellanie says:

    Beautiful! I love the one organized by DJ Branden, great to get everyone celebrating together in one shot!

  41. Kacie Gallagher says:

    What a wonderful day! The photographers captured it beautifully!! Really happy for Meg & Dan!
    The reception was a blast and it was great to see so many people out on the dance floor having a good time together! 🙂

  42. Craig Benson says:

    Fantabulous!! Great shots that captured the love and joy of the whole wedding. My hat’s off to you.

  43. Elizabeth says:

    She captured your personalities very well. You’ll certainly be able to share those for a lifetime. Very classic!

  44. Lynn Bishoff says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  45. Tom Gallagher says:

    Absolutely GREAT pictures! Some very exceptional shots! Michelle did wonderful job.
    As the Dad, I’m a little biased … but Meg did make a beautiful bride! The reception party was a real ‘hooley” & the photos captured it.

  46. chery; says:

    Great pics ! Even got some good ones of megan”s mom.

  47. Sonya says:

    Pictures are awesome! The day could not have been any more perfect. Such a beautiful couple! <3

  48. Lori Barrante says:

    Megan and Dan, I love your pictures! The ones of you posing outside the church are wonderful!

  49. Shaun says:

    Nice Pictures…I see you cut me out of everyone of them 🙂

  50. Andrew Fike says:

    I had a great time and the pictures are wonderful. I really liked all of the green.

  51. Patti Kirch says:

    You both look absolutely beautiful. It was a wonderful wedding and thanks for inviting us to share in your joy.

    Patti Kirch

  52. Dianne Cafeo says:

    The pictures are beautiful. I really liked the one of Dan and his Mom before the ceremony. A real keeper!


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