There are lots of moments in my life that led me on the path I am now, but if there is one that I can specifically pick out that was the turning point leading me to a photography career…it was this image.

To my best friend, Missy, I am forever indebted.  Way before I studied photography and before digital became the thing, I had several film cameras and a simple love of taking pictures.  While ending my vacation one summer with Missy and her son, Zach, she asked me if I would take a picture of them since she was very pregnant with her 2nd.  When I got the pictures back from the lab (remember when you actually had to wait to see what you had taken?), I was elated…Missy and Zach were perfect and the picture was beautiful.  So I decided to send that image into a national photography contest.  It was awhile before I heard anything, but one day I received a registered letter in the mail saying that they chose my image and it sent me over the moon.  It was that moment that I decided to study photography.  I wanted to know everything I could about it, not even to become a professional – just for the love of it… and the rest is, as they say, history.  So free sessions are forever hers, not only for being my best friend, but for always encouraging me to do what I love and for the three of them being the perfect models.  🙂

It makes me so fast he grew up. 🙂

Ian was the baby in the belly. 🙂

My daughter with three of her favorite friends.


He has a flare for drama. I love it.

My buddy, Zach, all grown up.

and Zach took this one, for me and my friend. He says he wants to learn all about photography.







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