What did I love about Sarah & Erik’s wedding?  Pretty much everything.  🙂  I loved the vintage theme that they pulled off so well!  I loved that it was different and non-traditional.  I loved that it was casual, but not in an unimportant kind of way.  It was more the way they chose to not stress over it – like when a motor boat on the river made so much noise, you could barely hear the ceremony.  They smiled and carried on.  I loved that it was full of laughter (a lot of laughter) and tears of joy.  I’m so happy to have been a part of their day.  We were able to capture some incredibly gorgeous moments and had an amazing time doing it, because of all of this.

Sarah & Erik – thank you, again, for allowing us to be a part of your day!  We had a great time with you both!  It was an honor and a pleasure.  🙂

There is more in the video!  Sarah’s family has a pretty great sense of humor, so I included some of the images of them that really cracked me up (especially the one they said was their typical family image – look for the picture of her brother with the back of his head to the camera – lol).  The music I picked this time is not a traditional sappy love song.  I did that on purpose.  This one  just seems to suit them.  Check it out for yourself.  🙂









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