What can I say about Ciara & Brian….aside from the obvious – being that they’re in love – they make each other laugh and they had me laughing with them.  There will be so many familiar faces at their wedding (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately) and these two are up for anything…so how can their wedding day be anything other than awesome!!  Check out their engagement session – they were pros.  🙂








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  1. shannon Dellaverson says:

    what beautiful pictures! These pictures accurately portray the love of Brian and Ciara. You guys are truly a beautiful couple, inside and out. I love you guys! Love Aunt Shannon

  2. Robyn says:

    Beautiful pictures. You two make a gorgeous couple

  3. Kathy says:

    Beautiful people, beautiful pictures, feel the love!!!!

  4. John says:

    love the pictures and cant wait for the wedding pictures.

  5. Colleen McKim Rosenholm says:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes, the pictures are beautiful and you make a great looking couple.

  6. Marcie Caimona says:

    Love them all. Just a gorgeous couple.

  7. Terri Shornack says:

    Great pictures ! They are as beautiful and special as you two are and I must also say I can feel the LUV !

  8. Aunt Mindy says:

    Sweet pictures of a sweet couple!

  9. Wayne says:

    The photographer captured the love between Brian and Ciara beautifully and natural.

  10. Mindy says:

    Wonderful pictures!

  11. Lalaine says:

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!

  12. Katie says:

    What can you say…..You guys are perfect for each other!

  13. Andrea St. Martin says:

    Absolutely beautiful couple and stunning pictures. Can feel the love!

  14. Alison says:

    Beautiful pics…their love captured beautifully!

  15. Brandy says:

    The way that the photographer uses the architecture is very creative and brings an artistic, yet “real life” element to the photos. The pictures also capture the love and fun-nature of Ciara and Brian. Very good photography and subjects!!

  16. Cheri Skibbe says:

    I am sure the wedding will be just as beautiful as the pictures!!!

  17. Cathy Greco says:

    What a beautiful couple! So young and in love! Pictures are fabulous, best engagement pics I have every seen. Looks like they belong in a magazine. Truly Great Pictures!!!!!!!

  18. Gary Schroeder says:

    Oh to be young and in love in the YO! Great pictures! Very creative!

  19. CBarth says:

    Yea! Can’t wait for the wedding.

  20. B E L L I S S IM I <3<3<3.

  21. Emily says:

    love them!

  22. Amanda says:

    SOOO CUTE! Congrats and best wishes!!

  23. Pattie Mulderig says:

    What wonderful pictures and what a great couple!

  24. Ellen says:

    Beautiful pictures/ beautiful couple!

  25. Becky says:

    I love these pics! What an awesome couple! Love you guys!

  26. Deb aka Mom :) says:

    Beautiful pictures of a perfect couple. Love you guys!

  27. Kim and Dennis says:

    Beautiful pictures. I can’t wait for the wedding!!!

  28. Awsome pictures!! You guys look great!!

  29. Alan says:

    I wanted to write some witty comment…. but nah, you guys look great! 🙂 Congrats!

  30. Julia says:

    Ciara, you guys look amazing! congrats!

  31. bradford says:

    Beautiful stills preserving something authentic! Good luck!

  32. shal says:

    To the two most wonderful people I know, your pictures are amazing and your love for one another is beautiful. I love you two deeply and I know you’re going to have a wonderful life together. 🙂

  33. Jim says:

    Such an awesome couple. Great pictures! Yay!

  34. John says:

    wow my cousin and his future wife are the best looking people. cant wait for the wedding pictures.

  35. Ashley says:

    Beautiful pics!

  36. Chelsea says:

    Very beautiful pictures ! 🙂 You guys are a perfect match!

  37. Ciara says:

    Thanks Michelle!! I love these pictures so much!! I can’t wait for your talent to capture our wedding!! <3

  38. Brett Sloan says:

    Congratulations Ciara and Brian!!! I have not had a chance to tell you in person, sorry. You two are a wonderful couple and even better people. I will never forget all the things you both have done for me and the rest of the youth group at Evangel. I’m so happy for you guys and I cannot think of a more deserving, kind hearted couple.

  39. Ryan K. says:

    I think these came out great.

    My favorites include: the third from the top, the one in the middle of West Federal, and
    the third in the Cedars ally series.


  40. Bethany says:

    These are beautiful! Congrats, Ciara & Brian.

  41. Lizzie Rickard says:

    These pictures are so adorable!! I love the ones on the city streets.

  42. Nanci says:

    Absolutely amazing pics!! You two look so happy … good things to come in your future! 🙂

  43. Heather Strickland says:

    kbeautiful pics!! i love them all!!Cant wait til the wedding ones!:)

  44. ryan betts says:

    aw you two are soooo adorable in these sweet pictures!! 😀 i just wanna give you two a great big hug right now!!

  45. Sara Nicoline says:

    Beautiful pics… Can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂

  46. Rob Snyder says:

    Awesome photos!

  47. Jordan says:

    Brian is one lucky guy! Congrats to the both of you! Beautiful pics 🙂

  48. Brian Barth says:

    Thanks, Michelle! You do a great job capturing Ciara’s true beauty and making me look as good as possible! Haha!

  49. britney says:

    Ciara n Brian these pictures are beautiful!!! I am so happy to be apart of this wedding….you guys are the cutest couple ever!!! You truly do show what true love is!!!

  50. Justine Ryan says:

    Love all the pics. Michelle you rock 🙂

  51. Kate Hennessy says:

    Ciara and Brian are the real deal! Cute, Funny, and utterly in love! If their pictures are any sort of hint to their wedding, not only will they be partying in style, but it’ll be a night to remember! Congrats you two!

  52. jonny bananaphone says:

    bananaphone! looking good!

  53. Josh Trolio says:

    These guys are just too fun. Great session!

  54. Brittany says:

    You two are so cute! 🙂 Good luck!

  55. Gina says:

    You two have got to be the cutest couple ever!! I just know you are going to have a wonderful life together. 🙂

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