Stephanie & Matt met each other while going to school at YSU.  His first gift to her was Pete the Penguin (you’ll see Pete making an appearance below).  🙂  The two of them are super sweet and I’m so excited to be a part of their day this coming summer!  We met last year while I was shooting her sister’s wedding (the wedding of Kristin & Steven – which we had so much fun at!).    Here are some images from their engagement session at Millcreek and YSU!  I love them all, but I think the one on the bridge (at the very bottom) is my favorite.








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  1. Lovely photos!

    I can just see it now… the little stuffed penguin making a guest appearance at the wedding, in the wedding photos and in every anniversary photo they ever pose for!

    I used a stuffed dachshund as my ring pillow – it was the very first Christmas present my husband ever bought me. At the time we couldn’t have pets where we lived, so he gave me the stuffed doxie and promised to get me a real one someday… now I have three dachshunds! 🙂


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