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The past year I’ve had with Tasha & Donnie has been so much fun!  In that amount of time, I’ve photographed a Winter Engagement, a Spring Engagement, their wedding day, then a maternity session, followed up with the arrival of George!  They are, so far, my most photographed couple/family.  🙂  I love Tasha’s love of Pandas that made their way into George’s room.  And the sign that they hung above his window…pretty much says it all.

Both baby and mom were doing awesome when I got to see them before Christmas.  The panda theme carried through to his newborn session.  I picked up a panda hat, just after seeing his room during their maternity session.  Check out his panda pillow pet, too.  He is absolutely adorable and blessed with two of the sweetest parents ever.  🙂








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Stephanie & Matt met each other while going to school at YSU.  His first gift to her was Pete the Penguin (you’ll see Pete making an appearance below).  🙂  The two of them are super sweet and I’m so excited to be a part of their day this coming summer!  We met last year while I was shooting her sister’s wedding (the wedding of Kristin & Steven – which we had so much fun at!).    Here are some images from their engagement session at Millcreek and YSU!  I love them all, but I think the one on the bridge (at the very bottom) is my favorite.








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Photography is not just what I do, it’s who I am.  My camera is in front of my face nearly everyday, so I thought it would be fitting to make my final post for the best of 2011 be a personal one.  It’s easy to see who my favorite subject is, but aside from (constantly) taking pictures of my daughter – I am capturing my very own memories.  Our trip to Rehoboth Beach, a ride on The Polar Express, the arrival of my newest nephew, a first dance recital and much more….here’s a little bit of my world.

Olivia & her best friend, Chase

My Funny Valentine

My little shutterbug has several cameras of her own. She'll be assisting me in no time.

She learned how to wink right before this and now she's not afraid to use it. 🙂

Dance like noone is watching!

She loves to direct how her sessions go...this was her shot idea. I love it.

We love dress up around here.

Showday at her first recital!

Riding on the train...

On the beach in Rehoboth with my nephew

My newest nephew

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! - Despicable Me

1st Day of Pre-k

Our tea party (well, tea and strawberry milk) + some monster cupcakes

Her fifth year posing in my wedding gown. 🙂

It was a big Dorothy year and obsession with The Wizard of Oz. In fact, she's wearing that outfit as I write this, so it's not over, yet.

They blew up the bridge down the road, so, of course, we had to go take pictures of it.

Her best friends just happen to be the kids (and family) of my best friend. 🙂

The Polar Express

Yes, she can hear it ring and so can I. 🙂

Not always happy to be my model, but even with that sassy face - she's workin' it. Lol

Our elf on the shelf - Jeremy

Christmas Eve

Three of my favorite elves.

Nothing better than having dolphins painted on your face.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!  Thanks for a fantastic 2011!







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Part II of the best of is all about the couples from the engagements to the weddings.  Many, many fun and awesome people that I get to work with!

Be sure to pick up your latest copy of Metropolitan Wedding.  I was invited, once again, by editor – Karen Luke – to shoot a spread for this year’s issue.  I went to The Lake Club for the bridesmaids shoot and the children’s shoot.  My little girl was, also, asked to model as a flower girl and she was a total pro.  It was so fun and I want to thank Karen for including me in this awesome resource – our area’s very own top notch wedding magazine.

At the risk of sounding like a Grammy acceptance speech, I want to thank my husband, David, for his continued support.  He is a huge help as my assistant/2nd shooter and just basic all around support.  🙂  Plus – he really caught some amazing shots this  year.  Running your own business is not easy, but he manages to do that (he is a home improvement contractor) and still takes the time to help me with my mine.  Thanks to Bill Dodd and Mike Krisuk, too, for assisting when David could not.  You guys are awesome!  I am in the process of training a good friend with a great eye who will be assisting me this year, also, and I’m really excited about that.  So some of you will be seeing a new face with me – Angie!  I know she’s going to be great.

So without further ado…here are some of my favorite shots from the 2011 engagements, weddings and day after sessions.  🙂








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Wow, where did 2011 go?  What an exciting year it has been!  I was just re-reading my post from last year and it just doesn’t seem like I wrote it 12 months ago.  Such a full year both personally and professionally…maybe that’s why it went by so fast (?).  Anyway, I’ve decided to split up my “best of” post this year into several posts, so stay tuned for a couple more.

I find myself, once again, very excited for the coming year.  Referrals this past year were through the roof and I thank you all for that.  That is one of the biggest compliments I could possibly receive.  2011 was a year full of familiar faces and it will be, again, this year, because of that.  Most of you know that my focus is on wedding photography, but I felt a slight shift this year as I seemed to be shooting more of everything (and loving all the families, children and newborns that I got to work with).  Some great updates will be coming to the site gallery and I have many blog posts to catch up on, so that you’ll be able to see all of the fun and gorgeousness I’ve had lately.

So this post will be about the many lifestyle sessions I had this year.  I don’t know if I consider them my best, but they are for sure some of my favorite.








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