Krista & Chris won me over twice….not only are they dog lovers, but they’re also Beatles fans.  🙂  Check out their sweet family below and the cool shots we got when we ducked inside The Lemon Grove to dry off!  Can’t wait for your wedding, you two!  Thanks for a fun shoot!








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52 Responses to “Krista + Chris | Youngstown, OH Engagement Photographer”

  1. Gus says:

    You guys a beautiful. I love Minotti!

  2. Brent Blake says:

    These are awesome !!

  3. Jim Johnston says:

    Ah the Lemon Grove.

  4. Shelby Daniels says:

    Love the pics Krista the two of you make a cute couple.

  5. Taylor Boss says:

    Great pictures!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

  6. Jessica Snyder says:

    Love the pictures…you guys look great!!!

  7. Tyler Hart says:

    cool Pictures

  8. Haylee Hart says:

    I love the pictures!

  9. Dezarae Hart says:

    These are really good!

  10. Benji says:

    I can already tell when you’re both retired and traveling around the country in an RV, you’ll have matching travel jackets.

  11. Ben Schwab says:

    Very nice!

  12. Matt Beilstein says:

    Yay Griz

  13. Lynn Machel says:

    You have a hottie there Krista. Love the pix.

  14. Sheri says:

    Love every one of them. You’re both so photogenic!

  15. Liz B. says:

    Love the pics Krista and Chris! May you two have a lifetime of fun filled memories!

  16. Luke Pitzulo says:

    So happy for you two! Wish you many years of happiness!

  17. Jaclyn L. says:

    I love the snowflakes and the sneakers, Krista! Great pictures 🙂

  18. Tolkoto says:

    I like the small dog

  19. Renee Howard says:

    I love these pics! you look amazing!

  20. Tosha N says:

    So sweet!

  21. Jane Luckage says:

    Great Picture! 🙂

  22. Ciara D says:

    beautiful pictures!!!!

  23. Adona says:

    Love these soooooo sweet!

  24. Yoko Ono says:

    I love them (pics) yeah yeah yeah

  25. Paul says:

    Yeahhh !!!

  26. Mick Jagger says:

    You’re so sweet

  27. George Harrisson says:

    Come together: Oh my!

  28. Ringo Starr says:

    From me to you : wowowowow

  29. Paul McCartney says:

    It’s only love

  30. John Lennon says:

    Wowable 🙂

  31. jenna schettler says:

    the pictures are adorable Krista (:

  32. Rita Musial says:


  33. Hunter Snyder says:

    Looks amazing!!! Love you

  34. Brandon says:


  35. Mike says:


  36. Kellie says:

    Love love love these pictures!!

  37. Angela A says:

    Love the pics!!

  38. Krystal Daniels says:

    Lovin the converse you two…very cute pics 🙂

  39. Jenna Dewell says:

    I LOVE them!!! Sooo cute! Sweetest couple ever!!

  40. Rachel Beil says:

    I love the snow flurries!

  41. Melanie says:

    Cute(: <3

  42. Tim Yoder says:

    These look really good!!

  43. Rachel Beil says:

    Oh my goodness Krista these are so cute! I love the snow flurries!

  44. Samantha Cavalier says:

    So cute 🙂

  45. Alan says:

    Bar stools and Chuck Taylors, awesome pic!

  46. Ben Hart says:

    Congrats Griz!

  47. Katie Walker says:

    Such cute pics!!!! 🙂

  48. AJ Minotti says:

    Ain’t they adorable? Chris and Krista look nice too.

  49. Mary Kay says:

    very nice pictures. Happy for you Krista and Chris!

  50. ashley huffman says:

    Love these pics!! 🙂

  51. Chris Minotti says:

    Krista sure does look fine in these pictures!

  52. Emily Dinsmore says:

    I love the fence picture! And all the pics from the Lemon Grove!!!

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