I have been dying to blog this one, but have been struggling with updating the site and the blog all at the same time.  Yes, I am still working on my site update.  It is mostly complete and I should be there soon (fingers crossed).

I was really excited for this session.  I knew it was going to be amazing.  Angie (Maizie’s mom) has such an eye for styling, she should definitely be getting paid for it and seriously, if you are thinking of having a stylized engagement or any other type of session – you should consider hiring her.  She is, in fact, working along side of me as one of my wedding assistants this year and I’m really excited about that, too!  But back to the session, Angie had some really great ideas and an endless supply of cool props.  Maizie is gorgeous and should be a model, so it was quite easy to see how this was going to go….

I can’t wait to photograph Angie’s girls, again!  Always gorgeous and fun!!  Thanks so much, Maizie & Angie!








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