Sorry for opening the flood gates on the blog today!  Since it’s the hubby’s birthday (Happy Birthday, my love! 🙂 ), this will be the final post for this afternoon.  So much to catch you all up on!  You gotta see Kali + Bryan’s engagement session.  The wedding was just last weekend and since they flew in from Colorodo – we shot the engagement the week before that!  Two incredibly creative and sweet souls here and I can’t wait to share the wedding images.  But for now…here are some of my favorites from the engagement!








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

44 Responses to “Kali + Bryan | Youngstown, OH Engagement Session”

  1. lizz waggoner says:

    Absolutly beautiful. Two of the greatest and so in love people I’ve ever met. Captured their personality so perfectly. Congrats guys!!!

  2. Cait says:

    Great looking photos! Congrats!

  3. Krisi Minor says:

    Great pics! Very creative! Congrats you two!

  4. Chris says:

    Great pics! Congrats!

  5. Justin says:

    Congrats dude!

  6. David says:

    Congratulations and the pictures are.. okay. I’d be much more impressed if you put a bird on it.

  7. Kimmy says:

    Super CUTE!! Congrats guys! 🙂 LOVE the pics!

  8. Laurie and Bryan says:

    Very cute! I love the piggy back one holding the I do sign! We are so glad Bryan has Kali in his life. And our life too!

  9. Laurie says:

    Love the piggy back one with the sign “I do”. Very cute….and so happy thay my son has Kali in his life!! And in our life too!

  10. susan says:

    these are great! these photos really capture how much these two are in love 🙂

  11. Larry D.Jones says:

    Congrats Bryan and Kali

  12. lori says:

    my beautiful daughter and handsomw son in laq take preety good pictures lol very nice 🙂

  13. Daniel G says:

    Such a perfect series!

  14. Sean C says:

    Neat pictures.

  15. Ashley dawson says:

    LOVE them all!

  16. Kori says:

    Two wonderful people, many beautiful pictures, and a lifetime of happiness together!

  17. Kelly russell says:

    Very cute pics !! I love them all.

  18. Jen says:

    Great pics!

  19. Matt Russo says:

    Love the side-by-sides in the bar. You guys rock.

  20. Caitlyn Gibson says:

    Congrats guys<3 these pics are adorable!

  21. corey says:

    beautimous there B, I like the one in the field with you 2 holding hands

  22. The One and Only Dickie Grabbler says:

    Love these pics and the thought that went into them too! Congrats once again!

  23. Jessica Dick says:

    You guys look so cute together!!! Great pics!! Xoxo

  24. vicki says:

    Love the pics.

  25. Neil says:

    Why wasn’t the bull invited to the wedding?

  26. Petro says:

    Love Love Love these pictures! and you too!

  27. Jessica Hurd says:

    you both look amazing. so happy that you have these gorgeous photos to look back on! congrats xo

  28. Sahar says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!! And such a gorgeous couple too 🙂

  29. Becky says:

    Love these! and them 🙂

  30. Dennis says:

    Congrats, your photos rock they are absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  31. Will says:

    Great pics guys! Congratulations again!

  32. Devin says:

    Love the boots flower child.

  33. Rachael says:

    These are all so beautiful! Congrats to Kali and Brian! 🙂

  34. Dawn says:

    Great pics!! Congrats Kali!

  35. Barb says:

    Two creative people captured in very creative ways. Beautiful.
    Love you nephew and new niece!

  36. therese says:

    So Beautiful!

  37. erica says:

    beautiful, love them all!! lemon grove too…reppin’ my hometown 😉

  38. Nic Short says:

    Best couple ever!! K & B!!

  39. Jessi Perry says:

    Simple Beautiful:-)

  40. Tammy Cepero says:

    What a great set of pictures!

  41. Cait O says:

    Kali and Bryan are two of the best, most well rounded, good hearted people i’ve ever met and these picture capture that amazingly. They are beautiful inside and out. <3

  42. Nicole Ferreri says:

    Beautiful pics!

  43. Kristy says:

    CONGRATS guys:) so beautiful:)

  44. Marcie says:

    I love every one of these pictures! You truly captured the essences of Bryan and Kali!!

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