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I met Kristin & Steven recently at Millcreek Park for their e-session.  My first words to them about their session were just relax and have fun with it.  Easier said then done, Steven told me.  He’s right, I’m not normally on the other side of the lens, but when I am – I know just how hard that is to just forget the camera is there.  These two were great, though.  Their candid moments were my absolute favorite.  They seem to laugh a lot together and I’m glad I was able to capture that.

Had a great time with you both and looking forward to the wedding next year!  Thanks!

Recently I was inspired to begin the journey of becoming a Certified Professional Photographer.  Currently there are fewer than 2500 Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) in the world.  There are two parts to passing this certification – an image submission and a written exam.  The written exam is to cover your technical knowledge of photography.  The image submission included 20 of my images from 20 different clients/sessions and had to show my knowledge and application of correct lighting, lens selection, and composition.  I also had to provide a Statement of Purpose for each image.  These images were then reviewed by a panel of 5 judges – all with the PPA designation of Master Photographer.  Not an easy task I was told to become a CPP (especially the image submission), but worth the designation – as my clients will know that I am dedicated to being the best at what I do.

I was thrilled when I received my letter last week congratulating me on passing the image submission (my daughter and I did a little happy dance 🙂  )!  Since then I’ve had some questions from others (who are also attempting the same designation) about my images.  Following is the portfolio that I submitted.

Thank you to all of my amazing clients for helping me create such awesome images and for trusting my artistic vision!

I will be taking the written exam mid-September and hope to be a CPP shortly after that!

Okay, so I know I say this all the time, but you’ve gotta agree with me – I’m so lucky to have the cutest couples ever and these two are no exception.  We were racing to beat the rain when we me Kristyn & Andy at the Flower Garden in Millcreek.  But I’m almost glad that the threat was there, because I LOVE the shots we got with the umbrella at the end of their session.  So fun!  Thanks you two.  We really enjoyed walking around the gardens with you.

P.S. Your dogs are adorable, too – thanks for showing us pics.  🙂

This was the first time we shot at Cascade Park and what a great location it is.  Meghan and Brock were our sort of tour guides.  They know the park well, as it’s been a big part of their history together.  The bridges, the little pavilions, the playground and the bunny graffiti were all included in their e-session.  They both were beaming the entire time and we can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!

Thank you, Meghan & Brock!

Amy and Shaun chose the Butler for their e-session with their wedding just a few weeks away.  I love their style and they will be having a vintage themed wedding complete with a ’46 Ford Convertible.  Can’t wait for those images.