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The details this summer just keep getting better and better!  Amy & Shaun had a vintage glam wedding this past July.  So very cool – complete with a red carpet for the guests to make their entrance.  Amy’s vintage look was simply beautiful.  They really were a gorgeous pair and we had such a great time with them, as you can see from the images below.

Congratulations to you both!  We thank you so much for including us in your special day.  You and your friends were great!  Thanks so much for the cookie recipe, Amy – what an incredible job you and your mom did making those.  My little one was so excited with the ones that I brought home for her, she actually fell down running to get them (a little bump, but she’s okay).  🙂  Thanks, again!

Love the Harley Davidson garter.

Vintage Bride = Gorgeous

'56 Ford they took to the reception!

I told the girls you wouldn't see their faces in this shot, but when I saw what they were doing I couldn't resist. LOL

Once we got into the courtyard of the Davis Center, we started to really have some fun...

I love that they brought props. 🙂

A gift from Amy's friends - yes, I'm Team Edward all the way.

The guys were such great sports. I told them to do their best Edward impersonation.

Yum...all of them.

Great idea! A different movie poster marked each table.

We want to celebrate all the amazing couples we have worked with or will be working with in the near future!  In short, we think our couples rock and we’re pretty sure their friends and family will agree.  Check out the Facebook Discussion Board for full details.  The contest will be going on throughout the summer before our grand prize winner is announced, so you won’t miss your chance to get in on it.  The winning couple will receive a huge 20″ x 24″ standout print of your choice from your engagement, wedding or day after session and a $100 gift card to your favorite store or restaurant!

I apologize for the blog slacking lately and promise to catch up sometime this week.  Busy….busy….busy….tis the season!  🙂

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Spent the weekend hanging out with my two favorite valentines – my hubby and my little girl.  Now everyone who knows me knows that my biggest passion (aside from my family) is obviously photography, but here’s a little about my loved ones’.

My little one is quite the artist, she loves anything related to painting, coloring, chalk, glitter, glue, etc…. she also has a major sweet-tooth that mostly involves suckers and marshmallows, so this big giant pink marshmallow valentine heart sucker was just about perfect for her.  Had to shoot fast, since it was gone in less than five minutes…

My husband is a musician and an amazing drummer.  He played with his band, Coinmonster for pretty close to twenty years, but this is him Saturday Night sitting in with our friends’ band – Haymaker.  So much fun!  Hope you all had a great weekend with your Valentines, too.  🙂