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Spent the weekend hanging out with my two favorite valentines – my hubby and my little girl.  Now everyone who knows me knows that my biggest passion (aside from my family) is obviously photography, but here’s a little about my loved ones’.

My little one is quite the artist, she loves anything related to painting, coloring, chalk, glitter, glue, etc…. she also has a major sweet-tooth that mostly involves suckers and marshmallows, so this big giant pink marshmallow valentine heart sucker was just about perfect for her.  Had to shoot fast, since it was gone in less than five minutes…

My husband is a musician and an amazing drummer.  He played with his band, Coinmonster for pretty close to twenty years, but this is him Saturday Night sitting in with our friends’ band – Haymaker.  So much fun!  Hope you all had a great weekend with your Valentines, too.  🙂