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This time of year in PA is just crazy weather-wise.  One day it’s freezing, next day it’s hot, then it’s raining…you get the idea (especially if you live here).  When I met Steve and Jennifer for their session at Westminster College, it was so cold.  But by the time we were finishing up an hour later, I was sweating.  Regardless of the weather, it is always a beautiful place to shoot at and I really enjoyed my session with these two.  Steve is a musician and so we talked about music and we all got to know each other a little better.  I was also told Steve got his wedding gift early and being a techie, I’m quite jealous of his brand new IPad. 😉

Looking forward to the wedding in Spring!

Probably one of the coolest stories I’ve heard lately…Amberly moved all the way from Iowa to meet her soul mate and…they share the same last name (no relation, of course).  That’s right…she doesn’t even have to bother changing her name when they exchange their vows next summer.  I don’t think you realize what a pain that can be, until you actually do it.  🙂

They’ll be getting married close by in New Castle, but they both loved the idea of a city session along with some Fall color in the background.  So we met up in Pittsburgh…one of my favorite areas to shoot in.  They both had great style and are a stunning couple.  Here are some of my favorites from their session.

I love this one.

Amberly's shoes rocked. 🙂

Could be my favorite from the day...

Looking forward to the wedding next year!

I met with Sarah + Erik with the intent to shoot their engagement session at the Foxburg Inn – the gorgeous site of their wedding next year.  Only neither of us realized the Foxburg Festival was that weekend – scratch that.  Hundreds of people everywhere could make for some interesting photos, but not quite what they (or myself) had in mind.  We headed up the road to an old church I had been told about just weeks earlier.  It was perfect.

Loved this couple's style.

Sarah's black pearl engagement ring was very cool. 🙂

Looking forward to their vintage themed wedding in Fall, 2011!


When I met Dan and Megan initially, they were just coming back into town from vacation and they missed their Teddy.  After meeting Teddy, I can see why.  Teddy is a shar pei/boxer mix and completely adorable.  I love to mix it up for engagement sessions and was excited to have him along for the first part of theirs.  The  morning sun that day was amazing and the results were beautiful and so unique.  I had a great time with all three of them and am looking forward to the wedding next Spring!

I really love the light here.

They're such a cute family. 🙂

Megan threw a penny in here for good luck...

I'd rather be next to normal anyday. 🙂

Jill & Travis were just recently married at the Foxburg Inn.  What a gorgeous location!  Who knew Pennsylvania had their very own destination wedding location.  But that’s not what’s being blogged today (soon, though 🙂  ).  Before that we went to another gorgeous location, Westminster College, for their engagement session.  They’re such a sweet couple and we got lots of great captures while we talked about the coming wedding and  Jill and I talked a little about being Twilight fans.  It was very reminiscent of my first engagement session there with Stephanie & Ron (Stephanie being a Twilight fan, also).  It always makes me laugh how the guys just roll their eyes when we girls start talking Twilight.  🙂

Found this little bridge on campus with all these little berry bushes in front of it...loved it!

Thank you both for everything!  Wedding images are coming soon.  🙂