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The first time Cindy and Ryan scheduled their e-session, there was a blizzard.  The 2nd was some massive wind/rain event.  The 3rd – hail.  So when I saw the forecast last week, 80 degrees on Friday and then a 30 degree drop with rain the next, well, let’s just say I wasn’t surprised.  Every time we’ve scheduled, the weather has done something crazy – but this time we were determined.  So we headed to the site where their wedding will be taking place and it was beautiful.  Despite the chilly weather, the rain held out for the most of it and we spent two hours with these two walking through Camp Lutherlyn with it’s gorgeous views.  The outdoor amphitheater where the ceremony will take place is so pretty and the lake view is breathtaking.  The two met here as camp counselors, so it is the perfect spot to celebrate their new life together.

Thanks, Cindy and Ryan!  Glad to have finally met in person.  Looking forward to next month!

What the wind did here was simply gorgeous.

They will be saying 'I do' in this very spot in less than a month!

Molly and Tom met when they were babies – talk about fate!  Someone bit the other (I can’t remember who) and about 18 years later – love bit the both of them.  These two found it hard to be serious when we shot their engagement session a couple of nights ago – which is exactly how we like it.  It started out rainy, but thankfully clear skies finally prevailed as we wandered through Courthouse Square and Dave Grohl Alley in Warren.  Dave Grohl (for those of you who don’t know) is the lead singer from the Foo Fighters and was the drummer for Nirvana.  He was born in Warren and last summer they dedicated an entire alley to him.  It’s completely covered with cool paintings and graffiti and is a really fun place to go shoot.  Molly & Tom are to be wed this coming July.  They had us cracking up, so their day promises to be a good time!  🙂

Tom being the sunflare here.

Dave Grohl Alley

Quite the coincidence that the apt. number was the same as their wedding date, don't you think? 🙂

Thanks you two!  We had a great time!

Let me first say that Lauren and Oliver were possibly the smilingest (yes, I know it’s not a word) bride and groom I have had the pleasure of photographing.  I mean, they could not stop glowing if they tried.  Second, their themed wedding was simply the coolest.  All guests were asked to wear black & white and when you walked into the reception, all of the decor was black and white.  We LOVED what they did with their engagement session photos – using them to help guests find their assigned seats and the guest book Lauren designed (remember? – she’s a photographer, too) was gorgeous.  Oliver and Lauren then came out wearing red & black and after their nuptials, the hall was transformed with accents of red everywhere!  We had a great time capturing them and their reception.  🙂  They also have a Day After Session scheduled with us that promises to be even cooler.  Congratulations, again, Lauren & Oliver!

Such a cute idea!

My favorite from the day.

I love this dance shot that David captured.

Kristie & Craig live in Cincinnati, so this was actually our first time meeting.  It’s so nice to finally put faces to the names and they were so cute!  Looking forward to their wedding coming up in September.  They tried to convince us that  they do not take good pictures…..they lied.  See for yourself.  🙂

Kathleen & Kyle chose their (and my) alma mater – YSU for their engagement session, where they first met.  A great location and with The Butler close by, we really got some amazing shots.  They are to be wed in August and we’re looking forward to it.  🙂

We thank you both for a great e-session!

I had so many favorites from this one.  These are only a few.