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As you can see, Megan & Bryan met me on a gorgeous Fall day (all the pumpkins were still in the park from the Pumpkin Walk).  Looking forward to their summer-time wedding and getting to work with Megan’s family, again!








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

What did I love about Sarah & Erik’s wedding?  Pretty much everything.  🙂  I loved the vintage theme that they pulled off so well!  I loved that it was different and non-traditional.  I loved that it was casual, but not in an unimportant kind of way.  It was more the way they chose to not stress over it – like when a motor boat on the river made so much noise, you could barely hear the ceremony.  They smiled and carried on.  I loved that it was full of laughter (a lot of laughter) and tears of joy.  I’m so happy to have been a part of their day.  We were able to capture some incredibly gorgeous moments and had an amazing time doing it, because of all of this.

Sarah & Erik – thank you, again, for allowing us to be a part of your day!  We had a great time with you both!  It was an honor and a pleasure.  🙂

There is more in the video!  Sarah’s family has a pretty great sense of humor, so I included some of the images of them that really cracked me up (especially the one they said was their typical family image – look for the picture of her brother with the back of his head to the camera – lol).  The music I picked this time is not a traditional sappy love song.  I did that on purpose.  This one  just seems to suit them.  Check it out for yourself.  🙂









©2011 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

My brother-in-law, Joe, finally managed to find himself a sweet girl despite himself (I’m kidding, Joe) and back in October, I got a new sister-in-law!  David and I were asked to photograph their day and we managed to find a pretty good balance between work and being part of the party.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.  Welcome to the family, Leigh.  🙂

…and check out their video below!








©2011 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

On this cold, windy and wet day in October, the weather was just not cooperating for Jennifer & Jimmy’s planned outdoor wedding.  The ceremony had to be moved inside, the formals at Conneaut Lake Park had to be cancelled, but that didn’t matter.  Things happen that are beyond our control, especially the weather – you never know what it’s going to do.  Fortunately, that’s not what the day is about!  Jennifer & Jimmy totally get that.   They were so go with the flow and excited that they were getting married – nothing else in the world made a difference! Their friends were there, their family was there and despite the change of plans – everything was absolutely gorgeous and went as smooth as ever.  As the the sun was about to set…the weather calmed down and we ran outside. I think we spent less than ten minutes out there, but they are some of my favorite images from the year. The silhouette below of Jennifer throwing her hand in the air (and she said something like “yay! we’re married!”) was not planned, that was a real celebration and so was the party that followed. So glad to have been there to capture it! 🙂

Much more in the video!

Jennifer & Jimmy – thank you, again, for allowing us to capture your day!  It was truly a pleasure!







©2011 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

I love shooting up at Conneaut Lake.  Such a gorgeous view from the Iroquois Club.  This year I was lucky enough to head up there two weeks in a row.  Amber & Andy’s wedding was the first.  I had such a great time shooting these two during the engagement!  I knew the wedding would be a lot of fun.  It ended up being a gorgeous day for the outdoor ceremony and pictures afterward and then everyone headed inside for the reception.  Loved their 1st dance, which they claim was completely unchoreographed.  They must really be tuned in to each other, because they remained in step – improvising from the music the dj put together (check out some images from their 1st dance below)!

I love this sunset image!  See more great images from their day in the video…

Amber and Andy – we’re very happy to have been part of your day!  We had a lot of fun at your reception.  Thank you for allowing us to be there to capture it!

©2011 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia