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I remember meeting with Erin last summer and talking about her and Paul’s wedding – since it was going to be in March, she hoped it would either be lots of snow or sunny and clear.  It ended up being a gorgeous sunny day for them.  Every time I looked through the lens at Erin, she had this beautiful smile on her face that would’ve lit up the day had it not been bright already (they both did!).  Thanks for allowing us to capture your day, Erin & Paul!  We had an awesome time.

This was made from a piece of Erin's mom's wedding dress.



Both Erin & Paul are proud Ohio State grads. 🙂

David took this fabulous shot.


These are just a few of the highlights.  See lots more in the video!

Ceremony | Holy Family

Reception | Davis Center

Gown | Jacqueline’s Bridal

Cake | Clarancedale

Entertainment | Night Rhythm Entertainment


While I’m making new friends all the time with what I do, sometimes I get to work with old ones (and make new ones at the same time) – which is awesome.  Donnie is a good friend of mine going back to our college years when we were  rocking around NRM Music (we both worked there in the day when music stores still existed) and hanging out at Cedars where his band and my husband’s band would often play.  Fast forward about 15 years – imagine how excited I was when he called me to ask if I would photograph his and Tasha’s wedding and then how sad I was when I realized the date they were looking at was already booked.  In a weird twist of fate a few weeks later, the couple who had originally booked the date decided they were going to move their wedding up.  I figured Tasha and Donnie at that point had found someone else, but sent him a quick email anyway.  They hadn’t and here we are!

We met in Canfield this past Saturday for part 1 of 2 engagement sessions – the (mostly) black & white wintery session.  It was cold and very snowy, but so fun.  I had a feeling it would be.  Tasha & Donnie told me that they laugh a lot when they’re together and they do.  I was laughing right along with them.

When I told them to give me a serious look - Don suggested the "Blue Steel" pose (Zoolander) - lol

So my personal favorite was a toss up between this one...and the next.

Thank you, both!  Can’t wait for part 2 – the warm weather engagement session and the wedding day!

xo – Michelle

We had a few last gorgeous days before it started to get really cold. I was happy to fit this beautiful family in on one of them. 🙂

Such a little cutie and so cooperative!

I love what I do.  I’ve said it about a million times I’m sure, but to be able to capture people so in love….it’s just amazing.  I don’t think these images need much introduction…it’s pretty obvious how in love Sarah and Dan are.  They met at college and will be married there next year.  I can’t wait to be a part of it.  🙂

We started out in this cute little coffee shop.

...and then we went out to enjoy the gorgeous day!

How cool that this door happened to have their wedding date on it. 😉

I loved this spot.

Succop Conservancy pronounced – suck-up – yes, that is how you say it.  It’s a family name.  The property is far more elegant and beautiful than the name it was given.  🙂  A gorgeous old home, guest house, two lakes, a barn and acres upon acres of amazing foliage.  Given it was an outdoor wedding at the end of October, I kept praying for the weather to hold out.  Lots of people must have been, because Johanna and Patrick were blessed with the best weather possible for this time of year.  Perfect for “The Reveal” on the patio, perfect for saying their vows to each other under the blue skies, perfect for dancing in the pavilion with the night surrounding them and later a bonfire to cuddle up to.  Really an awesome day.  One of my favorite shots of the year came from this day and I got to witness one of the greatest toasts ever – Johanna’s friends wrote and sang a song for her and Patrick.  The song was beautiful and so were there voices.  These two were surrounded by awesome friends and family and it was so fun to be a part of it.

Check out some of their images below, but to see more of Johanna & Patrick’s day…click on the video.

Pat & Johanna chose to see each other prior the ceremony, so we did The Reveal on the patio.

...and then we strolled around the property for a few shots.

"Mazel Tov!"

The light here was to die for and this was my favorite image of the day, if not the year.

(view this video in high-resolution here)

Congratulations, Johanna & Patrick!  Thanks so much for allowing us to be there to capture your day.