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Okay, so I’m partial…she is my niece after all, but holy gorgeous!  Christie has always been the epitome of style, so I knew whatever she wore – she would be perfect, but I was not expecting this.  Vintage Glam is their wedding theme and Christie & Dennis totally fit the part.  I love when my couples put so much thought into the style of their session, because it makes a huge difference in the results.  I have never seen all of “The Notebook”, but when I looked at the two of them – it was all I kept thinking of.  Awesome job of stylizing your shoot, Christie.  My future nephew-in-law is the perfect guy for you – a total gentleman and I couldn’t be happier and more excited for you both.  🙂

So here’s a little video I made for you two from the session…

xo-Aunt Michelle

Emily and I had been discussing her and Gino’s e-session through emails for awhile, so I knew she was really excited and that had me excited.  Their location choices were awesome and they were up for anything.  We had so much fun just playing and trying different things and the results were…amazing.  Their love for each other really came through to me in person and in their images.   Can’t wait for the wedding in December, you two!  It’s going to be great!

I think this one is my favorite. 🙂

xo – Michelle

Lots of catching up to do from the past couple of weeks, so bear with me.  Four engagement sessions, two beautiful weddings and a very cool session with many handsome men, that of which is completely top secret…for now.  🙂  It’s been an exciting summer and very busy, to say the least.

So, I headed to Millcreek Park which was the setting for Natalie & Bryan’s engagement session a couple of Sunday’s ago.  We strolled around for a little while and then decided to head to one of my favorite spots – the waterfall.  Magical things happen down there.  Had a great time with them both and looking forward to their wedding next year!

A short while ago – I received an email from Stephanie.  She and her fiance were going to be traveling from Texas to be married at Conneaut Lake Park on a boat!  I’ve been so blessed this year to be a part of so many weddings and I really hadn’t planned on booking any more, but seriously how could I pass that up.  🙂  Within the short time they were here in town, we met, shot their engagement session (in all it’s awesomeness here) and then the wedding.  Definitely one of my favorites this year.  After saying their vows and a champagne toast on the boat, we strolled through the old park and even hopped on the carousel (thank you carousel guys for being so cool and letting us pretty much do what we want!).

The bride's sister gave a toast that was so sweet.

I think one of my fav candids of all time. 🙂

LOVE this one so much.

I’ve already said it about a hundred times, but I had such a great time with you both and your family!  Congratulations and thanks so much for allowing us to be there to capture it.  🙂

The details this summer just keep getting better and better!  Amy & Shaun had a vintage glam wedding this past July.  So very cool – complete with a red carpet for the guests to make their entrance.  Amy’s vintage look was simply beautiful.  They really were a gorgeous pair and we had such a great time with them, as you can see from the images below.

Congratulations to you both!  We thank you so much for including us in your special day.  You and your friends were great!  Thanks so much for the cookie recipe, Amy – what an incredible job you and your mom did making those.  My little one was so excited with the ones that I brought home for her, she actually fell down running to get them (a little bump, but she’s okay).  🙂  Thanks, again!

Love the Harley Davidson garter.

Vintage Bride = Gorgeous

'56 Ford they took to the reception!

I told the girls you wouldn't see their faces in this shot, but when I saw what they were doing I couldn't resist. LOL

Once we got into the courtyard of the Davis Center, we started to really have some fun...

I love that they brought props. 🙂

A gift from Amy's friends - yes, I'm Team Edward all the way.

The guys were such great sports. I told them to do their best Edward impersonation.

Yum...all of them.

Great idea! A different movie poster marked each table.