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Wow, where did 2011 go?  What an exciting year it has been!  I was just re-reading my post from last year and it just doesn’t seem like I wrote it 12 months ago.  Such a full year both personally and professionally…maybe that’s why it went by so fast (?).  Anyway, I’ve decided to split up my “best of” post this year into several posts, so stay tuned for a couple more.

I find myself, once again, very excited for the coming year.  Referrals this past year were through the roof and I thank you all for that.  That is one of the biggest compliments I could possibly receive.  2011 was a year full of familiar faces and it will be, again, this year, because of that.  Most of you know that my focus is on wedding photography, but I felt a slight shift this year as I seemed to be shooting more of everything (and loving all the families, children and newborns that I got to work with).  Some great updates will be coming to the site gallery and I have many blog posts to catch up on, so that you’ll be able to see all of the fun and gorgeousness I’ve had lately.

So this post will be about the many lifestyle sessions I had this year.  I don’t know if I consider them my best, but they are for sure some of my favorite.








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia


Emily & BJ are starting to feel like dear old friends and it’s no wonder. Since meeting them in 2009, I’ve shot their engagement, wedding, a wedding that Emily was in last Spring and will be shooting two more weddings of their friends this year (and Emily is in both of those, too)!  I shot this session as a thank you to them.  They have been great advocates of my business and I wanted to show them my appreciation for that.  It’s especially comfortable going into a session and knowing the couple so well.  I knew this was going to be an easy one…they are so relaxed with one another and I love the way they look at each other – there were a lot of people at the park that day.  In fact, it was so crowded (because of the unexpected gorgeous weather) we couldn’t even park near the suspended bridge where we originally planned to meet.  But when you see these images, it looks as if the it were just the two of them.  Beloved sessions are meant to celebrate that love and so here is a celebration of Emily & BJ’s Love….

^ These were Emily’s wedding shoes!  Aren’t they cute?








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

Love McConnells Mills, but that hike back up the hill always kicks my butt!  One of my secret New Year’s resolutions is to be able to climb all those stairs and not feel like I’m ready to pass out halfway to the top – lol.  It’s beautiful there and well worth the trip.  I love how Evy & Brady’s session came out.  They’ll be tying the knot this coming June.  Can’t wait!








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

As you can see, Megan & Bryan met me on a gorgeous Fall day (all the pumpkins were still in the park from the Pumpkin Walk).  Looking forward to their summer-time wedding and getting to work with Megan’s family, again!








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

What did I love about Sarah & Erik’s wedding?  Pretty much everything.  🙂  I loved the vintage theme that they pulled off so well!  I loved that it was different and non-traditional.  I loved that it was casual, but not in an unimportant kind of way.  It was more the way they chose to not stress over it – like when a motor boat on the river made so much noise, you could barely hear the ceremony.  They smiled and carried on.  I loved that it was full of laughter (a lot of laughter) and tears of joy.  I’m so happy to have been a part of their day.  We were able to capture some incredibly gorgeous moments and had an amazing time doing it, because of all of this.

Sarah & Erik – thank you, again, for allowing us to be a part of your day!  We had a great time with you both!  It was an honor and a pleasure.  🙂

There is more in the video!  Sarah’s family has a pretty great sense of humor, so I included some of the images of them that really cracked me up (especially the one they said was their typical family image – look for the picture of her brother with the back of his head to the camera – lol).  The music I picked this time is not a traditional sappy love song.  I did that on purpose.  This one  just seems to suit them.  Check it out for yourself.  🙂









©2011 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia