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Kristie & Craig met while they were students at Mt. Union College, so it was pretty fitting that they travel back from Cincinnati to exchange their vows there.  Got some amazing images of the bride and groom in the quickly dying flower garden, which was gorgeous even while taking on it’s Fall appearance and took the group out on the football field for some fun shots.  Then to Avion on the Lake where I finally figured out what a gobo is.  LOL – check out their dance image below, if you’d like to know, too.

Craig is a big Ohio State fan...check out the socks.

Daddy/Daughter this moment.

Their initials on the wall are being created by a gobo light - a question I had/missed on the CPP Exam the day before. 🙂

Congratulations, Kristie & Craig!  Thanks for allowing us to capture your day.  🙂