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Another new place that I got to shoot an engagement at recently was near Packard Music Hall in Warren, OH.  My beautiful little cousin, Chrissy, and her handsome fiance, Joe, went on a search for a cool location and found it!  Metal bridge, stone walls, the river, very pretty.  We decided as a contrast to head to Dave Grohl Alley afterward.  This is not a new location for me, but wow! – seems like they are always adding some new pieces to it.  Not sure how long ago they put these in, but the colorful trio image of Grohl and the steel? sculpture of a drummer and his kit were pretty awesome.  Such a pleasure to get to work with Chrissy and Joe.  My grandparents and Chrissy’s grandparents were super close and hers were always around when I was growing up.  I know that my grandparents would be so pleased that Chrissy and I get to work with each other this way and it’s given me a chance to keep up with her and become closer cousins.  🙂  I’m so excited for their wedding next year!  Check out some of my favorites from their Fall session and be sure to leave a comment for them below!









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