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Kristie & Craig met while they were students at Mt. Union College, so it was pretty fitting that they travel back from Cincinnati to exchange their vows there.  Got some amazing images of the bride and groom in the quickly dying flower garden, which was gorgeous even while taking on it’s Fall appearance and took the group out on the football field for some fun shots.  Then to Avion on the Lake where I finally figured out what a gobo is.  LOL – check out their dance image below, if you’d like to know, too.

Craig is a big Ohio State fan...check out the socks.

Daddy/Daughter this moment.

Their initials on the wall are being created by a gobo light - a question I had/missed on the CPP Exam the day before. 🙂

Congratulations, Kristie & Craig!  Thanks for allowing us to capture your day.  🙂

Most of you know, that a few months back I set a goal for myself.  I decided that I wanted to become a Certified Professional Photographer.  Some people asked me why?  To me it was simple, in our modern day when these amazing cameras have become so affordable and there are now so many new “photographers” turning up everyday, how do you set yourself apart?  How do I prove to my clients that I have worked hard studying, learning new techniques and spend a huge amount of my time trying to consume every bit of knowledge I can to take my passion to the next level?

So, during the summer I submitted my images to the panel of judges and did a big happy dance, when they notified me that I passed – that was 1 of 2 parts to becoming a CPP.  The 2nd part was an exam.  A really, really tough 100 question exam which I drove to Akron to take in the early morning hours about a week ago.  I was sure I didn’t pass and when I got home that morning, I was already checking their site to see when/where I’d be taking the exam next.  The testing sites usually aren’t very close and are few and far between.

Yesterday, I ran out to get the mail and in their waiting for me was this gold tube – and I mean, really shiny gold – and it was from PPA (Professional Photographers of America).  I knew what it was before I even opened it…what else could it be?!  I passed-yay!  Inside was a brand new certificate and it read – Michelle M Galazia, Certified Professional Photographer.  Wow – I’ve got a little tag at the end of my name now.  No, it’s not MD, but to me it may as well be.  I’m such a photo geek, I know – my husband reminds me everyday, but I’m loving every minute of it.  🙂 🙂 🙂

What a wonderful time we had capturing the wedding of Kathleen & Kyle.  Such awesome colors, details, one really gorgeous gown and great family and friends on top of all that really make my job a lot of fun.  When Kathleen and I were discussing via email what she would like her wedding day images to look like, she brought up pillars – immediately I thought of Stambaugh Auditorium.  All I can say is these two along with their bridal party totally rocked that location.  On to the reception, the dj had interviewed them prior to the wedding and played little snippets of how the two met and fell in love.  That was one of the coolest things ever.  Fate definitely stepped in and these two were meant to be together.

How gorgeous is her dress...

Loved all the details!

The bride helping dad get ready. This is so cute. 🙂

The first look always gets me.

Kathleen's sister painted this from one of their engagement pictures!

Kathleen & Kyle – David and I both thank you for allowing us to be there to capture your wedding day and wish you both many, many years of happiness!

xo – Michelle

I met Erica & Mike at their alma mater in Pittsburgh for their e-session.  Wow!  My first time on Pitt Campus – what a gorgeous place to photograph such a beautiful couple.  The images speak for themselves and I’m super psyched for their wedding in Pittsburgh next Fall.  Sounds like it’s going to be fabulous and I’m happy to be a part of it!

The Cathedral of Learning is one really tall building.

We went inside to grab a few shots, since these two used to spend late nights studying there.

This wall was part of Forbes Field...

Thank you, Erica & Mike!  You were both great and I’m really excited for next year!  🙂

These two had me cracking up as we went through Millcreek Park a couple of weeks ago.  🙂  They were so much fun and they’re so completely adorable together.  With their sense of humor and the way the make each other laugh, I have a feeling their wedding is going to be a great one.

Thanks so much, Justine & Sean!  Can’t wait for your day!  😉