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Let the craziness begin – wedding season has officially kicked into high gear.  Starting off with Lisa + Jim.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Cinderella wedding!  Despite the rainy interruptions, we still managed to capture some gorgeous shots outside (including a recreation of the glass slipper on the staircase per Lisa’s request!).  I loved all the little details, from the Mickey Mouse gemstones on the bottom of the girl’s glass slippers to the pink and blue candy table to the little strawberry mice on the cookie table.  The glass slipper made of sugar on top of the wedding cake was really cool and the groom’s cake was awesome.  Check out some of the details below!

Lisa's flowers were gorgeous!

Jim's Dad had a great old car that inspired some cool shots.

Glass slipper on the stair. 🙂

Groom's cake - so cute!

Congratulations you two!

A New Way To Share…

June 10, 2010

It’s always tough for me to choose which images I’d like to share on my blog.  I always have so many that I fall in love with, but to add 20 to 30 or more images in one post?  Well, it would be overkill….or would it?  The challenge for me was to come up with a way to share more images with you and also keep you from navigating away (from complete boredom) at the same time.  Enter Animoto.  I believe with this, the possibilities are endless.  So as the emergency broadcast system says – this is a test…

I will still be posting images.  Nothing beats a beautiful blown up still, but for those who would like to see more – stay tuned!  🙂

Though it is becoming more common, quite a few people are still wondering what is The Day After Session and why should I do it.  I began offering this just a short time ago when I saw how perfectly captured they were by some talented friends on flickr.  So after deciding that this was not only something I would’ve loved to have done after my wedding, but something I wanted to shoot myself – I invited Sarah and Dave to join me in Pittsburgh for their very own Day After session.

So back to the original question – what is it?  The Day After Session is a modern  session to get some amazing pics of you and your new spouse in your wedding duds after the wedding.  Despite the name, it does not need to be scheduled for the day after your wedding.  Maybe there’s a perfect location you had in mind that will just not fit into your time frame on the day of the wedding, maybe it’s the middle of winter and you’d like to do more images in the spring or maybe you’d like to do some cool shots of the two of you wading into the water on the beach in your dress and suit (or into a fountain like Sarah & Dave did!).  These are all great reasons to schedule a Day After Session.

So back to Sarah & Dave – they were married last November and were so much fun to work with during their engagement and the wedding day.  It was very early this year, when I invited them to the session and I was thrilled that they were equally excited about it.  The ideas started flying (ie. pink shoes and tie to match) and the wait for good weather began which brought us to May – almost a year to the day when I shot their e-session in Pittsburgh.  It was so great to get to see them and stroll around Pittsburgh together once again.  And so funny how many times they were congratulated, as people assumed this was their wedding day.

I want to thank you both, again, for helping demonstrate in the most amazing way what a Day After session should be!  I have several scheduled for the coming year and they are all very excited having seen your images.  🙂

These are only a few of my favorites.  Check out The Day After Gallery to see more.

We want to celebrate all the amazing couples we have worked with or will be working with in the near future!  In short, we think our couples rock and we’re pretty sure their friends and family will agree.  Check out the Facebook Discussion Board for full details.  The contest will be going on throughout the summer before our grand prize winner is announced, so you won’t miss your chance to get in on it.  The winning couple will receive a huge 20″ x 24″ standout print of your choice from your engagement, wedding or day after session and a $100 gift card to your favorite store or restaurant!

I apologize for the blog slacking lately and promise to catch up sometime this week.  Busy….busy….busy….tis the season!  🙂

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

The first time Cindy and Ryan scheduled their e-session, there was a blizzard.  The 2nd was some massive wind/rain event.  The 3rd – hail.  So when I saw the forecast last week, 80 degrees on Friday and then a 30 degree drop with rain the next, well, let’s just say I wasn’t surprised.  Every time we’ve scheduled, the weather has done something crazy – but this time we were determined.  So we headed to the site where their wedding will be taking place and it was beautiful.  Despite the chilly weather, the rain held out for the most of it and we spent two hours with these two walking through Camp Lutherlyn with it’s gorgeous views.  The outdoor amphitheater where the ceremony will take place is so pretty and the lake view is breathtaking.  The two met here as camp counselors, so it is the perfect spot to celebrate their new life together.

Thanks, Cindy and Ryan!  Glad to have finally met in person.  Looking forward to next month!

What the wind did here was simply gorgeous.

They will be saying 'I do' in this very spot in less than a month!