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Wow!  I woke up about 5am this morning with a cold nose on my hand letting me know he had to go outside.  Thank God for fences is all I can say.  There was well over six inches blocking the door to let Frankie out.  Lucky for him he was tall enough to make it through.  Not so lucky for the littler ones who had snow up to their necks (a site my daughter found to be hysterical).  🙂

Just wanted to take this time to catch up and say thank you to the couples who have taken the time to meet with me this past month.  I’ve added a lensbaby (courtesy of Santa Claus) to my line-up which promises some very cool images.  2010 is nearly full and 2011 weddings are starting to come in.  I’m really looking forward to working with you all – both this year and next.  Call or send me an email today to find out if your date is still available!

Taken with the amazing selective focus lens. I love this baby!

She wanted to dig her swingset out. Notice the snow is to the top of her legs.

This guy loves playing in the snow!

A little black & white action shot...

It was hard to get her to come back inside. 🙂

This past year has been awesome to say the least and before starting off the posts for 2010, I wanted to blog some of my favs of 2009.  There are too many to post them all, but keep an eye on the blog this year.  I’ll be posting my favorites from each wedding and session.  I’ve worked with some pretty great people this last year.  I’ve made some really cool friends through my work and through flickr!  Love you, guys – you all know who you are! I’m looking forward to another incredible year!

Possibly my favorite picture of my little one ever. 🙂 Taken at the beginning of 2009.

1st E-Session of 2009 was spent with Sarah & Dave in Pittsburgh. This image was featured by Shutter Sisters last Spring for their word of the month project - "Together".

Some good friends welcomed a new baby!

The kids I got to work with this year were not only a lot of fun, but great posers and gorgeous, as well!

This little guy became part of our family at the very beginning of 2009 and has worked his way permanently into our hearts!

And the amazing and fun couples we got to work with this year, were endless.  There’s just no room to post them all…

Some great locations were chosen in 2009 for our very hip, very cool e-sessions (engagements)!  So here’s a sneakpeak at the “to be weds” of 2010!

And I can’t forget about the amazing seniors and models I got to work with…

you can check out quite of few of them in the gallery on my site.  A special thank you to my niece, Christie, who models for me frequently.  She’s an art student with an amazing eye for fashion and photography and is, also, one of my assistants!

The very lovely and talented Christie!

So there you have it!  My new year’s resolution is to just keep growing – as a person and photographer.  🙂