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Ever meet a person that’s just so sweet, you immediately want to be their friend?  That’s how I would describe both Amy & Brian.  I think if you asked any of their friends or family, they will probably tell you the same.  And their love for each other?  Well, check out the images…I think you can see that sweetness for yourself.

Fall colors for three adorable little flower girls.

Love how Brian is checking out his ring here.

Love how Brian is checking out his ring here.

A lot of fun with this crew.

The lighting that night provided by Special Light was spectacular!

There were so many cookies - they took up two tables. Yum! 🙂

Brian & Amy heading to the floor for their 1st dance as husband and wife.

Check out the bubbles in the background. Although, I don't think these two noticed them. 😉

Amy & her proud father.

Both of Brian's grandmas were so cute and they were dancing all night long!

The House Band kept the dance floor full.

Congratulations, Amy & Brian!  It was a blast working with you and we wish you a lifetime of happiness.  🙂

When I met Dan and Megan initially, they were just coming back into town from vacation and they missed their Teddy.  After meeting Teddy, I can see why.  Teddy is a shar pei/boxer mix and completely adorable.  I love to mix it up for engagement sessions and was excited to have him along for the first part of theirs.  The  morning sun that day was amazing and the results were beautiful and so unique.  I had a great time with all three of them and am looking forward to the wedding next Spring!

I really love the light here.

They're such a cute family. 🙂

Megan threw a penny in here for good luck...

I'd rather be next to normal anyday. 🙂

Lisa & Walt said I do in Boardman, but the party headed to PA after that to Wally’s hometown of New Castle.  New Castle Country Club was a great setting for their formals.  We avoided a few flying golf balls before reaching the New Englander for the celebration.  There were so many great images, but these are some of my favorites from the day.

The girls were great with helping Lisa get ready.

Something borrowed...

Lisa wanted a picture with Wally before the ceremony, but did not want to break tradition. 🙂

Congratulations, Lisa & Wally!  We had a great time with you both.  🙂

When Jill first contacted me last May, I had no idea that there was a destination wedding location located nearby in Pennsylvania.  Now, I don’t normally double up my weddings in one weekend and so when she had sent me her date request – I let her know that I was already booked for that weekend.  It was really cute how Jill persisted and I’m so glad she did.  She and Travis are a super sweet couple and the Foxburg Inn located on the Allegheny River was beautiful!  I was also excited that they chose to do “The Reveal”.  The Reveal is sometimes called the first look.  It’s so cool, as it gives the couple a chance to see each other for the first time in private.  Well, almost private…..we are there to capture it, of course.  The Reveal is something that I discovered recently was a popular option on the west coast.  There’s no doubt it’s becoming more popular, because another great reason to choose this contemporary option is time.  Some couples don’t want their guests to have to wait a few hours between the ceremony and the reception.  The Reveal allows us to grab the images we would usually take after the ceremony, since the bride and groom have already seen each other.  So once the ceremony ends, the couple can go straight to the reception and start the celebration!  🙂

Back to Jill and Travis – the weather was perfect for their ceremony on the bridge and then we wandered the grounds (which include a winery and an old train car) for their formals.  David and I couldn’t help but talk about going back up, again, for an overnight visit.  It really was a beautiful place.

Her niece practiced scattering the flowers when we went outside for these shots. 🙂

The flower girl's hair was adorable. Love the little sparkles.

Jill was stunning

I love how her sister is peeking out the door.

Their first look...

Love how Travis can't keep his eyes off his bride-to-be.

Off for a few formal shots before the ceremony.

David was able to capture some great close-ups from his angle. These next three are his.

The one on the right is David's view.

Love this cute candid of Jill and her niece.

Dad looks so proud of his little girl. 🙂

Jill & Travis – we wish you many years of happiness and thank you for allowing us to capture your day.  We’re so glad to have been a part of it.

Kristie & Craig met while they were students at Mt. Union College, so it was pretty fitting that they travel back from Cincinnati to exchange their vows there.  Got some amazing images of the bride and groom in the quickly dying flower garden, which was gorgeous even while taking on it’s Fall appearance and took the group out on the football field for some fun shots.  Then to Avion on the Lake where I finally figured out what a gobo is.  LOL – check out their dance image below, if you’d like to know, too.

Craig is a big Ohio State fan...check out the socks.

Daddy/Daughter this moment.

Their initials on the wall are being created by a gobo light - a question I had/missed on the CPP Exam the day before. 🙂

Congratulations, Kristie & Craig!  Thanks for allowing us to capture your day.  🙂