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Rebecca & Rick could not stop smiling and laughing.  Well, except for the tears when they first saw each other that day.  🙂  They seriously gave me all the feels.  So sweet.  The location they chose for their formals was, also, pretty much awesome.  I had never been to these old coke ovens before, but I definitely will be going back.  It was amazing.

The Links at Firestone was the site of their reception and they made sure they had plenty of time for more pictures there.  I had such a great time exploring with them.  I’ve been to The Links several times and didn’t realize there was a waterfall there!

A lot of great Irish details throughout the day and some beautiful embroidered doilies that meant a lot to Rebecca (here grandma had made some of them and she and her mom made the rest).

All and all, it was a perfect day.  So glad to have been a part of it!  Thank you so much for including Andie and I in your celebration, Rebecca & Rick!  🙂

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Ceremony | St. Patrick

Reception | The Links

Entertainment | Mark Anthony

Cake Artist | Bride’s Aunt Kathleen Kuns

MUA & Hair | Bella Rose Salon

Dress | Universal Bride

Suit | Jos. A Banks

Bagpipe | Glenn Duncan







©Michelle Galazia | MMGPhotography

Stambaugh is definitely my all time fav wedding venue.  The vintage beauty, the different levels, the gorgeous light.  Now add this beautiful couple who kind of stole my heart from the beginning (especially when they brought Milo to their engagement session), lots of meticulous detail, perfect weather and boom – it’s kind of my ideal wedding.  Needless to say, I have lots to share.  Stephanie & Dave were also the winners of my contest this year – Couples that Rock!  And they do rock.  🙂

You guys – go visit Stephanie at The Cafe at Wittenauer’s!  Her pastries are the best!  Nom…nom…nom.

Stephanie & Dave – thank you both so much for having me as a part of your wedding.  It really was beautiful and I’m glad it gave us the chance to become friends along the way!

Day Blog 1 Day Blog 2 Day Blog 3 Day Blog 4 Day Blog 5 Day Blog 6 Day Blog 7 Day Blog 8 Day Blog 9 Day Blog 10 Day Blog 11







©Michelle Galazia | MMGPhotography

Ever wonder how something goes viral on the net?  I had the chance to experience that first hand the day after Desiree & Christian’s beautiful wedding.  🙂  It started out with one of the sweetest couples.  A gorgeous day and tons of amazing details, but one in particular that grabbed everyone’s attention.  Desiree had a very special relationship with her grandfather who had passed on.  In his memory, Desiree had a cut a heart out of one of her grandfather’s shirts and sewn it to her dress.  What made that different…and I what I had never seen before or since…was that she had sewn it on the outside for the world to see – and, boy, did the world see it!  Branden was the DJ that evening and he shared several photos he had taken along with the story behind the heart on Desiree’s dress.  The next day Branden and Ashley (his wife) came for dinner with a story of their own.  The post was going nuts!  Being liked and shared all over…we couldn’t stop checking it all day long (and for days afterward) and the couple was super excited, as well.  But it didn’t stop there, this was a year ago in August and on the anniversary – the post again took off!  And my Facebook page was growing in likes and I couldn’t figure out why!  That’s when I saw Branden’s post being shared, again, with an image that I took of the couple in the comments (300,000+ likes and almost 100,000 shares!).  How crazy that the internet has made the world such a small place.  The story hit the heart of so many people!  Desiree’s grandfather I’m sure is smiling down.  🙂

DJ branden youngstown, oh


Here are some of my favs from that day!  It was so beautiful, Desiree & Christian, and I’m so happy to say that I was a part of it.  xoxo

Davoli Blog 1

Davoli Blog 2





Loved the yellow pop of color in everything!

Loved the yellow pop of color in everything!

Davoli Blog 4

Davoli Blog 5

Davoli Blog 6

Ceremony | Grace Chapel Community Church

Reception | Magnuson Grand Hotel

Gown | David’s Bridal

Makeup | Krista Esmond – Styling One Salon

Hair | Brianna Hill – Styling One Salon

Tux | Joseph A. Banks

Entertainment | DJ Branden Morales

Cake Artist | Clarencedale Cake








©Michelle Galazia | MMGPhotography

Emily & BJ are starting to feel like dear old friends and it’s no wonder. Since meeting them in 2009, I’ve shot their engagement, wedding, a wedding that Emily was in last Spring and will be shooting two more weddings of their friends this year (and Emily is in both of those, too)!  I shot this session as a thank you to them.  They have been great advocates of my business and I wanted to show them my appreciation for that.  It’s especially comfortable going into a session and knowing the couple so well.  I knew this was going to be an easy one…they are so relaxed with one another and I love the way they look at each other – there were a lot of people at the park that day.  In fact, it was so crowded (because of the unexpected gorgeous weather) we couldn’t even park near the suspended bridge where we originally planned to meet.  But when you see these images, it looks as if the it were just the two of them.  Beloved sessions are meant to celebrate that love and so here is a celebration of Emily & BJ’s Love….

^ These were Emily’s wedding shoes!  Aren’t they cute?








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia

This past Fall, I got to shoot my very first Big Fat Greek Wedding and it was awesome.  Stellanie & Brian’s wedding was full of tradition.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was just one huge party (in the very hall named for Stellanie’s grandfather)!  I loved the dancing…there was a lot of it and they throw money (how can you go wrong?).  🙂 Some really great images from their day.  I think that some of my favorite, though, are the ones with their parents and grandparents looking on at the two of them.  Maybe because I am a parent, these really touched me.  You can see the pride and love in their eyes.

Thank you so much, Stellanie & Brian!  It was honor being there to capture your day (and the Day After session that followed in Cleveland…coming in it’s own blog post soon!).

Lots more in the video, so take a minute to check it out!








©2012 MMGPhotography | Michelle Galazia